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A Trumpet, A Witchdoctor, & Spiritual Discernment: A Conversation with Don Shire


Episode #262

Prepare yourself for a journey into the spiritual realm as Ryan interviews globetrotting missionary, Don Shire. Don shares how his trumpet became an unconventional and effective tool in sharing the gospel. The interview dives into the world of witchdoctors and spirits, bringing you the powerful and shocking story of Chief Shoefoot, a former witchdoctor from Venezuela. Hear about his transformation from chasing the spirits of the dead to embracing the truth of Christ.

Don shares about the depth and breadth of his missionary work, exploring the diverse cultures he's encountered and the remarkable projects he's pursued. From orphanages in India and Ukraine, ministering to widows in Poland and Honduras, to full-time staff management in Haiti, Don’s testimonies will leave you in awe.

Learn more about Don Shire's ministry, DSM International

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