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This podcast will help grow your faith for everyday life. It will bring you the truth behind the headlines and equip your faith to navigate the cultural chaos of today. Each week you’ll hear a devotional-style episode that will edify your faith in a practical and actionable way, and you’ll hear an episode that will reveal the meaning behind current events. This show will also bring you engaging interviews on important topics. God is on the move right now through people just like you and you are part of His plan.  Get engaged by submitting your questions or topics for the show. Just visit the contact page to let us know!

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Recent Episodes

Joseph Z Shares How God is Uniting Us to Stand Against the Darkness

Episode #310 Ryan talks with Joseph Z, who brings a word of encouragement for these trying times. Connect with Joseph Watch this episode on YouTube Sharable Episode Links (scroll

Sam Sorbo Shares the Truth About Public Schools and Homeschooling

Episode #309 Ryan interviews Sam Sorbo on the truth about the public school system and why parents should prioritize homeschooling. They talk about how the public school system is designed

2 Easy Ways to Change How You View Yourself

Episode #308 Ryan shares the importance of addressing negative thinking and shares 2 easy ways you can change your view of yourself. Your view of yourself is critical to your

The Truth About ESG – Control & Social Engineering

Episode #307 Ryan discusses the truth about ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). He discusses what's really driving the ESG movement, government involvement and the striking similarities to China's Social Credit

A Fresh View of God’s Sovereignty

Episode #306 Ryan shares an encouraging word about the sovereignty of God over not only the big things but also the smallest details of everyday life. Sharable Episode Links (scroll

They Abhor Those Who Speak the Truth

Episode #305 Ryan shares a Bible verse to encourage you to continue to stand in truth when others come against you. Sharable Episode Links (scroll down or search for this

Carbon Pipelines, Porn Access and WHO Control | Interview with Iowa State Senator Sandy Salmon

Episode #304 This episode highlights critical battles taking place across local, state, national, and international levels to preserve individual liberty and constitutional governance, including defending freedom and sovereignty in America.

What is Faith? How Can You Grow Yours?

Episode #303 Ryan simplifies what faith really is and how you can grow your faith. Sharable Episode Links (scroll down or search for this episode):Ryan's Website Buzzsprout Link MORE FROM

The People Have Spoken – Trump Sweeps Iowa & New Hampshire

Episode #302 Ryan discusses the state of the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary with Trump sweeping Iowa and New Hampshire, Ron DeSantis dropping out and Nikki Haley still in the race.

Meet the host:
Dr. Ryan s. Howard

Ryan is the host of Cutting Edge Faith and is passionate about helping Christ-followers equip their faith for everyday life. Ryan works in global procurement and manufacturing and has visited over 20 countries, worked with nearly 200 businesses and coached over 50 leaders. Ryan is a contributor for Charisma Magazine and is the author of 21 Days to a Spirit-Led Life. He holds a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies and has earned degrees in engineering and business. Ryan lives in Iowa with his wife Bruna and their son John.