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Where has God appointed you advance the Kingdom right now?

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Have you ever wondered...

Does my work matter?
What does the Bible say about work?
How do I know what God wants me to do?
Do only pastors and missionaries have a calling?
What qualifies as God’s work?
What is marketplace ministry?
What is faith?

What you'll learn

Day 1

Work According to the Bible

Day 2

See God in Your Work

Day 3

Partner with God

Day 4

Living Out Your Calling

Day 5

Working by Faith

Take Action

Each video will end with two questions for you to answer.

Writing your answers will help you solidify what you learned from each video.

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Each day will give you extra related blog and podcast content that can help you to further accelerate your journey.

Blog Posts

Blog Posts

Accelerate your faith at work journey with blog content related to each video.



Accelerate your faith at work journey with podcast episodes related to each video.

Blog Posts