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Communist Influence in America and What You Can Do | Kay Rubacek


Episode #166

Kay Rubacek’s family has fled communism not once but three different times. From indoctrination in Australia to being jailed in China, Kay has firsthand experience in the evils and myriads of socialist systems, and she offers a stark warning to Americans. The signs of these dangerous socialist agendas are all around us. She has produced hundreds of hours of programs for print, gaming, television, and the cinema, and her latest book, “Who are China’s Walking Dead,” offers alarming testimony of the ill-fated reality of China’s communist rule.

Unfortunately, many Americans are unaware of the dramatic impact that Communist ideologies already have in our politics, social construct, and even the American Christian church. In this episode, we will unpack these influences and discuss what you can do to save America .

02:34 | Introducing Kay Rubacek    

02:48 | Professional success/background in video production and the transition to battle communism and socialism

13:29 | Indoctrination in America and the risk of global tyranny. Socialism in plain sight and the surprisingly difficult adjustment to freedom

18:33 | Tyranny fears truth: A crash course in Communism, beaten, arrested interrogated in China for having “compassion”

25:12 | The Chinese Communist Party’s influence in America: selling out American values, censorship, and compromising to communist tyranny

31:07 | The hopeful future and our role as Americans in stopping communism. Maintaining truth, using our voices, and refusing compromise

37:53 | The Walking Dead. Infiltrating Chinese slave-labor prisons and tragic reality of the Chinese communist ideology

44:29 | The lasting effects of the Chinese Communist Party on the human psyche, destroying the individual to destroy the nation

46:32 | A moral baseline. Differentiating between the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese people (they are not the same)

52:47 | Propaganda, censorship, and cancel culture. Unpacking a chapter of Kay Rubacek’s book “Who are China’s Walking Dead?”



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