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Critical Thinking and Taking a Stand | Interview with Bruna Melo


Episode #191

This episode features an interview with Ryan's wife, who is one of the shows Producers and Creative Directors, Bruna Melo Howard. They talk about Biblical examples of standing with boldness, freedom, critical thinking and healthy living. This episode will encourage your faith and will equip you to stand.

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– Resource referenced (book): Letter to the American Church, by Eric Metaxas

In this episode:

  • Freedom and autonomy
  • relevance of the Bible to today
  • Similarities between the culture of today and the times of the Bible
  • Today’s parallel to the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who wouldn’t bow to the golden image
  • How we need to have the courage of Daniel to not follow tyrannical government decrees 
  • How Covid policies were a dress-rehearsal and 
  • How God can use the weakness exposed by the Church’s failed response to Covid mandates
  • The biblical founding of America and the God-given freedoms we enjoy today
  • We the People need to stand
  • The dangers of “customized” mRNA medications
  • 3 California churches who sued the state for unconstitutional mandates (and won at the Supreme Court)
  • The Mark of the Beast and how it will sneak into people’s lives
  • The importance of living undistracted and not conformed to this world
  • Parallels of Nazi Germany to today in America
  • Joseph and his leadership of Egypt and the known world
  • How we have a right to decide what we put in our bodies
  • How our health is our greatest asset and our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
  • Issues with what is allowed in our food supply
  • How a change in nutrition was able to eliminate ADHD symptoms in children
  • Changing our taste and cravings for more healthy food
  • How Covid showed us that we need to think for ourselves
  • The importance of reading ingredients and staying well-informed
  • How to get started by downloading a free copy of Healthy Living Simplified, by Bruna Melo


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