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Hawaii Wildfires Demonstrate Government Failure


Episode #254

On this episode, Ryan reveals how  the wildfires ravaging Hawaii are a direct result of staggering government failure. This episode exposes the surprising truth behind the horror. Ryan shines a light on the negligence, poor communication, and subpar infrastructure that have led to this devastating event. Ryan also addresses the mysterious origins of the fires.

The world's diverted attention is allowing for significant geopolitical shifts to occur unnoticed. Ryan shares the hidden implications of the Hawaiian wildfires, revealing how they could be masking larger issues, like the alliance between Russia and China and the US's involvement in Ukraine. We must remain informed and led by the Spirit amidst these distractions and so we can navigate a world filled with deceit.

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Videos on the laser weapon technology mentioned in the show:
HELIOS US Military Laser Technology
China Daqi-1 AEMS Satellite


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