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How to Find Your Purpose | June Hunt Interview


Episode #222

On this episode, Ryan interviews June Hunt on how to find your life's purpose. June shares how God used her painful past, along with many powerful testimonies from her years of counseling on over 100 topics. This is a powerful interview that will grow your faith and give you practical ways to discover your purpose.

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In this Episode:

2:30 – June shares about her painful past
8:50 – June’s introduction to ministry
11:00 – 94% of people lie
15:00 – How June removed the pattern of habitual lying
17:00 – How we must war against struggles to accomplish our purpose
18:30 – June helps a struggling high schooler
21:20 – How we must find the formula and solve the right problem
22:40 – June’s church background
25:10 – June learned that Christianity is about a relationship with Christ
27:10 – Impressive youth not caught up in trivial matters
28:00 – June prays the sinner’s prayer and receives Jesus as her Savior
29:00 – How June overcame bitterness toward her dad
32:30 – A powerful and simple way of addressing a disruptive child’s behavior
37:00 – How God gives answers
39:00 – The story of a saved life
41:30 – Questions to help find your purpose in life
45:45 – Inner purpose vs. outer purpose
48:00 – Forgiveness vs. reconciliation
49:38 – More on how to discover your purpose

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