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Remove the Hooks Before the Enemy Exploits Them


Episode #298

Ryan shares how the enemy can exploit even open doors that seem small to us and why we cannot leave them unaddressed.

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The enemy is constantly looking for open doors to exploit in our lives. Even small compromises or offenses we harbor can give Satan a foothold.

We must be vigilant about renewing our minds and searching our hearts to remove these hooks that weaken us spiritually. Any bitterness, lust, pride, or idolatry in our lives needs to be surrendered to God so that we can stand firm when the enemy attacks.

Spiritual discernment and authority can be lost if we let compromises linger. By allowing God to prune and purify us, we close the doors that the enemy could use to pull us away from Christ. Staying close to Jesus, walking in obedience, and focusing on Him alone will strengthen us for the spiritual battles ahead.

This teaching offers practical ways to guard our hearts and minds against the enemy’s schemes. The goal is to remove distractions and compromise so that NOTHING can come between us and God.

Referenced interview with ex-satanist, James Kawalya, who encountered Jesus

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