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The Truth About Term Limits | A Conversation with Tamara Scott and John Strathman


They want you to believe it, and a lot of us have. They’ll use your enemies to justify the stance and their argument is pretty compelling. There is just one problem- they’re wrong. Today we talk about term-limits. I used to be a believer. After some lengthy conversations and my own research, it is clear to me that term-limits are not the answer to our problems. In fact, term-limits would create a whole new world of problems for us all. 

Join me as I discuss the hidden agenda within the term-limit camp with Tamara Scott, national committeewoman of the Republican Party of Iowa, and John Strathman, state central committee member for the Republican Party of Iowa.

In this episode:

1:15 – Introducing Tamara Scott John Strathman
2:49 – Tamara Scott dives into the history (and failed experiment) of term-limits
5:33 – Intentional political agendas to control the Christian church
8:00 – Congress turnover data from John Strathman and why term-limits are not the answer 
13:11 – Why term-limits would bring an unfavorable reality for conservatives
16:58 – SHOCKING statistics on campaign donations coming in from out of state (even in Iowa) and how term limits would lead to even more corruption
19:31 – Two clear examples where term-limits would only make a bad situation worse   
23:57 – If term-limits are not the solution to the dysfunction in Congress, what is the answer? 
25:41 – The agenda to overhaul the Constitution of the United States
27:45 – Article 6 and the failure to uphold the oath of office    
30:32 – The people have the power (if they choose to use it)  
32:50 – Should the office of POTUS have term-limits?
34:10 – Convention of States     
42:35 – The other “constitutions”, federal spending, and balancing the budget

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