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Treason in the US Congress? SCOTUS 2020 Election Case


Episode #187

Treason could be a real charge very soon for the majority of the US Congress. The charges could also overturn the 2020 Presidential Election. The Supreme Court of the US will take up Brunson v. Adams on Friday, January 6, 2022 that is seeking the removal of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, 291 U.S. Representatives and 94 U.S Senators from office. The charge is for violating their oath of office by certifying the electors on January 6, 2021 without first investigating serious allegations of election fraud. The outcome could result in Donald Trump being restored to the presidency. Listen to this episode to get the details behind this case and to learn how congress should have handled the concerning fraud allegations.

Supreme Court Case: (No. 22-380)

Reference article: Supreme Court considers Brunson v. Adams, by Tim Canova

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