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God At Work in Luxury Home Building | Interview with Jerry Meek


Episode #151 

Our Christian faith isn’t something that we set aside when we clock in at work. In fact, Paul said that we were supposed to pray without ceasing. That means we are to act with our faith at all times.

Join Ryan as he interviews Jerry Meeks, a legendary luxury home builder, renowned thought-leader, and author. Jerry’s journey of faith has brought him from humble beginnings to founder & CEO of Desert Star Construction, and his secret? You could say it was putting his faith to work.

In this episode:

00:58 | Introducing Jerry Meek, business owner and man of faith  

01:50 | From humble beginnings to breaking into the business world  

04:22 | The value in being a lifelong learner, asking for help, and healthy coaching

10:50 | Jerry’s testimony of finding Jesus, seeing God move in his business, and how God continues to guide his steps in the workplace (and why it is good for business)

16:15 | Trusting and believing in God, stewardship, and God owning your business  

19:06 | How to prioritize your time

21:15 | Listening to God: What it is, and how to do it

23:55 | Investing in people and becoming the place ‘people want to work’

26:13 | The ‘Great Resignation’, learning to develop people, and failures of leadership

31:35 | Integrity in business and faith  

33:57 | ‘Glorious Reflections’ – uncovering the life that God wants you to live based on what ‘HE’ wants

38:05 | Jerry’s daily habits  


Resources mentioned in the show:

Text ‘challenge’ to 55444 and join Jerry’s 21-day journey to living and leading in a way that reflects the glory of God

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