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ESPN-NFL Prayer Time, Biden Crime, and the Future of the US House


Episode #189

This episode discusses the truth behind the headlines on three important current events. Ryan talks about how God is on the move, which is clearly seen with the very public recovery of Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills, Dan Orlovsky praying live on ESPN, and Bills head coach Sean McDermott giving “GLORY TO GOD.” The teams also came together in prayer and the game was cancelled. 

This episode also discuses recent discoveries of classified documents that Joe Biden stole while VP under Obama. The documents were discovered at a “think tank” at the University of Pennsylvania, which $54 million in funding from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

Finally, Ryan discusses the recent race for the US Speaker of the House and how it is good for the Republican party and the future of politics in the US. Now speaker Kevin McCarthy was opposed by Matt Gaetz and supported by Jim Jordan, which lead to some monumental changes in the House rules.

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