How to Live Out Your Faith in the Workplace (Interview)

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Follower Of One is a ministry that seeks to help people follow Jesus in their place of work. Christ-followers with full-time jobs join Follower of One to connect with like-minded believers who encourage, equip and mobilize one another.

Live Out Your Faith

Listen to Dr. Ryan Howard talk about faith in the workplace and how you can learn to live out your faith through it. He’s explored how work has a central role in the life of Christ-followers. Find out how it is a theme all throughout the Bible and how God uses it to accomplish His will.
How can His will help you go to work with a different perspective? Find out in this episode. He has called you to be a light in whatever job He’s placed you in. Choose to be His ambassador today.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:30]   What does it mean to integrate faith in the workplace?
  • [6:22]   Learn the importance of partnering with God in your daily work
  • [10:30] What has God called you to do?
  • [20:11] Learn what’s up and coming at
  • [24:47] How to hear from God

Find out how to partner with God in your daily work

To be an ambassador for God day-to-day means that you live out your faith in the workplace. There are so many different callings. You don’t have to be a pastor or missionary to be able to do God’s work. Ryan talks about the importance of partnering with God. It’s not a matter of trying to apply things you’ve simply memorized. It’s an interactive relationship with God where He helps you in everyday things. Listen now to hear examples from the Bible – people who not only prayed and received God’s help but had constant interaction with Him. Find out how God wants to be engaged with you in everything – including your work.

Learn how to join God in the work He’s doing around you

No matter what kind of work you’re involved in, God’s there. He has a specific plan for the relationships you will make and people you’ll influence. Your job is to represent Him and do what He has for you there so that He can be glorified. Ryan’s free downloadable eBook called “21 Days to a New Workplace You” is a jumpstart guide to faith at work. It takes the everyday things we should be doing as Christ-followers and teaches how to infuse those into our work. Listen to how it can change your perspective. You’ll find out how God is at work in every detail of your workday. You simply need to be aware of it.

In addition to the eBook, find out other resources available at Find his podcast on all apps. Ryan is also working on another book, a five-day video series, and webinars. In this episode, find out about these and more and how his ministry can help you grow in your walk with Jesus.

How do I figure out what my anointed calling is?

When you’re doing what you were created to do, it glorifies God. Even if you’re not necessarily talking about Jesus, God can use anything to draw others to Himself. Ryan points out that there’s a lot more to living for God than just talking about Him.

God used the book Anointed for Business to help bring clarity to what He wanted him to pursue. So many others from seminary were going into the pastorate, but he wasn’t drawn toward that. He always felt pulled toward business. Hear more about Ryan’s calling to help people live out their faith in their work. Listen to this episode to hear him talk about anointing for various positions – not only for those in ministry. Find out how your specific job can be used as kingdom work and how God cares about it.

Learn to recognize God and how to integrate your faith in the workplace

It’s easy to get caught up in habits and the way we do our jobs. That itself can become a barrier for us inviting God to be more part of our day. Ryan talks about our need for self-examination. As Christ-followers, evaluating ourselves is important so that we don’t get used to a certain mode of operation. Listen to how you can create new habits. Become sensitive to hearing from God and learn how to develop spiritual disciplines to help you integrate your faith at work. You’ll become more sensitive to what God is already doing.

Prioritize your relationship with Christ. Take the first step of making a small commitment – whether it’s to spend more time in prayer or read one chapter of your Bible daily. Find something you can do consistently and set your mind to stick with it. Learn to build that little habit and it will grow. Listen now to hear more about this. Then you’ll find that the more of God you have, the more you’ll want.

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