3 Truths About Unborn Babies

Truth #1: There’s Only One Question That Matters

The One Question: Is the unborn baby a human life?

  • If it is not a human life, then no justification to destroy it is needed.
  • If it is a human life, then no justification to destroy it is sufficient.

Truth #2: Unborn Baby = Undeniably Human Life

Scientifically human: The scientific conclusion that human life begins at conception (sperm-egg fusion) is uncontested. Two criteria for distinguishing one cell type from another are: composition and behavior. At conception, a baby has unique cells, proteins, RNA and DNA with interdependent organized functions. It is fully human, not partially human. 

Biblically human: Jesus was recognized as the Messiah while still in the womb.

Philosophically human: The only differences between an unborn baby and a one-day old baby is location and age. The difference between a one-day old baby and a 5-year old child is age.

Truth #3: Every Human Life Has Value

  • No one would argue for destroying the life of an adult or child who was conceived in rape or incest, or was no longer wanted, or was inconvenient.
  • No one would argue the same when that adult was a child.
  • There is no difference in value for a person before they are born.


We Must Protect Pre-Born Life with a Constitutional Amendment:

  • Slavery was abolished by a Constitutional Amendment.
  • Women were given the right to vote with a Constitutional Amendment.
  • The views of the majority did not matter because they were human rights issues.

There were no exceptions.

3 Miraculous Reminders About Jesus this Christmas

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Reminder #1: The Birth of Jesus Was Prophesied Hundreds of Years in Advance

The Bible includes over 300 prophecies about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, from Genesis to Revelation. 

There are 12 prophecies just about the birth of Christ, including where He would be born, how He would be born and that He would be born of a virgin. 

Reminder #2: Christ’s Death and Resurrection Opened the Door for Us to Know God

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Thankfully, we have the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that paid for our sins. We need only to repent and submit to Him as Savior and Lord. We can then begin our new eternal life with Jesus as a new creation. 

Reminder #3: The Entire Bible is a Picture Book of Jesus

Just like the front of a puzzle box makes the individual pieces clear, Jesus brings the entire Bible together.

Jesus is the savior of humanity, just as the Ark was with Noah. Jesus is the Mediator of the New Covenant, as Moses was the mediator of the Old Covenant. These and so many more all point to Jesus.


In a culture of consumerism, we must work to keep Jesus at the center of everything we do, especially during this time of year. 

Jesus is the reason for the season and we should take great joy not in all the presents, but in the gift of Jesus’ presence.


Tech Censorship is Communism | What We Must Do Now

Tech censorship is communism. China Does it and we see it happening in the US. We have seen government working together with non-government entities to direct their censorship. 

This is exactly what happens in China. In an interview I did with Kay Rubacek, she tells all about the training that every single journalist in China goes through. She explained how they are taught what they can say and what they cannot say. They are all literally turned into the propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP. 

We also have viewpoint discrimination, which is another issue all together. One could argue that since social media companies are private companies (not government entities), they can do what they want. To some degree that is true, however 

Another issue is the difference between platform and publisher. A platform is like a stage, where people can come to say what they want. But the stage has no liability for anything that is said, whether it was true, not true, slander or any other issues that come with public speech. This is how social media platforms are supposed to be operating. But instead, we see them operating as publishers.

A publisher has editorial control over the content, like a newspaper, book publisher, magazine, news website, and even podcasts like mine. Publishers choose what gets published and what doesn’t. They have editorial control and along with editorial control comes liability. 

Publishers are accountable for everything they publish. That means they can be taken to court to be held legally liable for any false claim, such as slander or libel. 

What we see happening today is that the social media companies, who are supposed to be platforms like a stage, are acting like publishers with editorial control. That means the freedom from liability should not exist. They are operating with the best of both worlds: liability protection of a platform and the editorial control of a publisher.

But how can this be? 

It is because of the blurred lines in Section 230 of the Communications Act. It is utterly absurd and must be corrected.

Lawmakers continue to stand by while the issue goes on unaddressed. It is not a complicated issue. It is quite simple. Are they a publisher or a platform?

They are clearly acting like publishers, when they talk about censoring speech, especially on behalf of government. When they talk about stopping misinformation, it is no different than the Chinese Communist Party doing the same. 

But even if a social media company acts on their own to censor speech, without government influence, they are still acting as an publisher, with editorial control. Which means they should be held legally liable for any missteps. 

That means if someone is de-platformed because of supposed mis-information they shared, but the information was later found to be correct, that individual could bring a lawsuit against the social media company for lost earnings, reputation damage, and so on. 

One approach that would future proof any new platforms and developments is a Digital Bill of Rights. That would include critical issues today like speech and privacy. Although laws are starting to form, there are massive gaps in the law today that allow companies to exploit people’s private information without their expressed consent. 

Today social media companies can remove people, posts and videos simply because they don’t like what they have to say. Twitter removed President Donald Trump while terrorist groups like ISIS continue to have accounts. How insane.

The right legal environment would allow citizens to bring legal action against social media companies who wrongfully de-platformed or de-monetized them.

Today many make their living through monetization via social media platforms. Of course, social media platforms make money when people use their platform. And when influencers bring big followings, it means even more money for the platform. 

The time has come. The gig is up. The one-sided legal setup must go. 

Platforms must either operate as a platform or be recategorized as publishers and bare the legal consequences.

Christmas Prophecies and Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Episode #128

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This episode discusses the prophecies of Christ’s birth and how we can be confident they were written centuries in advance. It also discusses the importance of remembering that Jesus is the reason for the season. The historical certainty and mathematical probabilities of the prophetic fulfillment will show how great God is and how supernatural and miraculous the Birth of Christ was.

Resources mentioned in the show:
The New Evidence that Demands a Verdict, by Josh McDowell
Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy, by J. Barton Payne

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Christian Persecution in North Korea Today

Episode #127

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This episode discusses the current persecution for Christians in North Korea today, including labor camps, prison and torture. This episode will share what the people of North Korea are experiencing today under the communist regime of Dictator Kim Jung-un n and former Dictator Kim Jung-il. It also gives details on the brutal reality that Christians are facing today in North Korea and how the gospel is spreading despite the massive government led oppression and harsh persecution.

Voice of the Martyrs (VOM): www.persecution.com
Interactive world map of Christian persecution: VOM Global Prayer Guide
Donate to Voice of the Martyrs: www.persecution.com/donate
Free magazine from VOM: Free VOM subscription

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Christian Persecution in India Today

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Episode #126

This episode discusses how the political, corporate and Hindu leaders in India are working together to persecute Christians today. The Christian church is growing in India, but it hasn’t been without a cost.

Persecution in India started in the 1st century and has continued to grow since. India as moved further up the world watch list for persecution since 2014 , when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was elected. Laws allowing freedom are often not followed and new laws are being enacted to further persecute Christians.

This episode discusses the many different areas that Christians are suffering today. From explicit discrimination and social duress to violence and imprisonment, Christians are impacted at every level.

Listen to this episode to learn more and to find out what you can do to help advance the Kingdom in India today.

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Christian Persecution in China Today

Episode #125

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This episode discusses the surprising persecution that is happening in China today and the incredible revival that has grown since the 1990s. This episode will give you a closer look into the daily life for 130 million Christians in China today, who mostly meet in “illegal” house churches. Under President Xi Jinping, China continues to pressure even the state-run TSPM church and persecute the underground church of faithful believers in Jesus Christ. You will also learn how you can support the ground to spread the truth of Christ in China.

Voice of the Martyrs: www.persecution.com

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3 Things You Must Know About Thanksgiving Day

Episode #123

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This episode discusses 3 important things everyone should know about Thanksgiving, from its founding to the attacks on it today. Listen to find out about the Christian heritage of Thanksgiving Day and how we must stand strong to keep the foundation front and center.

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