7 Tips to Make 2020 A Great Year

The beginning of a new year is a great time to reflect on the past year and plan for the year ahead. Whether you are the type to set goals or not, these easy tips will help you ensure that 2020 is your best year yet.

Below are 7 simple tips to help you get the most out of 2020.

1. Use Process Goals

It is great to set goals for what we want to achieve, but I have found it to be much more effective to also set goals related to process. We want to have our larger goals and outcomes in mind, but we can’t forget about what it will take to get there.

For example, if I wanted to publish one article per week this year, I would make a process goal of writing for 25 minutes at least three times per week. That would give me the PROCESS that would help me to achieve the OUTCOME.

2. Use Micro-Habits

Making lasting change can be difficult. But if we put our focus on the right area, we can make true changes that will last.

Micro-habits are tiny commitments that will take very little motivation or effort to complete. They can even be so small that they are almost embarrassing to mention.

Micro-habits are a great way to make small changes that will lead to lasting results.

The idea is that there will be no mental resistance to getting started. Then once the ball is rolling, we can continue past what we planned. Plus if we only do the small commitment, we can move forward guilt free.

Here are some examples:

  • Reading one page of a book before sleeping
  • Writing for ten minutes
  • Running for 10 minutes
  • Praying for one minute
  • Drinking a single glass of water

Each of these can be used to create new habits that can be built on over time.

3. Set and Review Priorities Regularly

If we want to have the best year we can, we must set goals and priorities. Take some time to think about the last year and what you want to be the same and different for this year.

Take time to actually write out your priorities and goals for the next year. Then review them daily for at least a week and then whatever interval is helpful after the first week.

When you review them, make small commitments that can move them forward.

4. Focus on the Next Step

While it is great to keep the bigger picture in mind, when planning your progress, it is best to think about the exact next step you need to take.

Be sure to break larger projects and goals down into smaller more manageable tasks. This way you can identify the exact next step you need to take to move everything forward.

This will help you to keep from getting stuck and keep the ball rolling.

For example, when my goal was to organize the garage, my steps were the following: 1) separate all trash and cardboard, 2) cut up old boxes, 3) put up wall racks for tools, 4) organize tool boxes, 5) organize tool bench, and so on.

You can see that the larger goal of organizing the garage can seem overwhelming, but the smaller steps can be addressed individually to make progress quickly.

5. Strive for Consistency

As you review your goals each day or week, strive to make consistent progress on each of them. You don’t have to finish everything at once, but if you can consistently move things forward, you will stay motivated and will achieve great things.

Whatever you commit to, make it small commitments and focus on one thing at a time. The consistency builds motivation and can keep you going.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down with over-complication. Just keep it simple.

6. Use Sprints to Make Quick Progress

Consider using a hyper-focus on one task or goal you want to accomplish. This is a “sprint” where you focus on one thing intensely for a week or two.

For example, when wanted to finish a video course quickly, I spent all my time on it for a week until it was ready.

Another smaller examples were to create a webinar slide deck. I gave myself one week to have a product ready to go. No matter what, I had to have SOMETHING ready.

My desire to “perfect it” had to come only after the first draft was completed.

7. Talk and Write About It

Two powerful ways to get real commitment from yourself is to write things down and to share them with others. Share your plans with others and talk about your progress.

Writing and talking about what you what to accomplish will help you to gain much needed clarity on your goals and priorities. It also helps you establish what needs to be done next.

Bringing it All Together

These simple tips have helped me to accomplish a lot over the last year. I certainly didn’t always apply them perfectly, but they are always easy to come back to.

Don’t be too hard on yourself this year and don’t let your big goals overwhelm you. If you find yourself off track, just hit reset and get right back to it.

So what will you do to help ensure that you have a great year ahead? What else will help you to focus on having a great year in 2020? Be sure to let me know!

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