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This episode talks about how to share your faith by simply being a witness to what God has done in your life.

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On this episode, we’re talking about how you can share your faith by simply being a witness.

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Well, if somebody asked you to tell a story about something that happened to you or some experience that you had, you probably wouldn’t hesitate too long. In general, you would just share what happened. You would just be a witness.

And a lot of times when it comes to sharing our faith or when we think about evangelism or when we think about sharing Jesus with others, we really start to overthink it and we really start to think about, well, we don’t know enough or I don’t know what to say or what what about what they say.

A Witness Of Your Own Experience

But really we are called to be a witness. And what that means is just talking about what God has done in our life. Now, many times we have opportunities to do a lot more of those other detailed things, but everyone can be a witness to their own experience. There is no reason why we couldn’t do that.

So do you have a testimony? Do you have some things that God has done in your life?

From Knowledge to Relationship

You know, I heard a story once about a man who was sharing with his neighbor about Jesus every day for months and months and months, or every week at least. And the neighbor wasn’t really hearing it and wasn’t really interested.

And something came up in this man’s life. Then he started sharing with his neighbor about what God was doing in his life and how he was interacting with God and how he asked God to engage in something. And then God did.

And he was talking about interactions back and forth and it was like a light switch. The neighbor became very interested in what was going on.

Relationship, Not Requirements

You see people have enough to add onto their already busy and full lives. They don’t want just another thing, another requirement.

And the thing is, many times when they think about following Christ or being a Christian, that’s what they think it is. But it’s not. It’s a full life giving relationship. Something that we are enjoying together with God.

A Real Relationship With God Is Intriguing

And when we talk about our experience in that and how God interacts with us in our life, that is what is intriguing to people. That is what is interesting to people.

And you know what? When we really actually have to have that kind of a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We really have to have that close relationship and have given our lives to him.

When we do that and we really are seeking that and making that a priority in our life to keep that relationship fresh and to stay close to Christ, well then He can really form us and give us peace and joy that’s overflowing.

And people can see that hope that’s in us and they will ask about it.

So I want to encourage you, I mean, if you’re a little dry, if you feel dry spiritually, just get back on track. Don’t let the enemy beat you up over it. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

Just make the change. Whatever’s in your heart and your spirit right now that you need to do, make the change. Get back on track and think about it.

Your Stories About God

Take some time to think about what has God done in your life. How have you seen Him move? I know you’ve got some stories, and if you don’t, ask Him for some. Ask Him.

Get specific about what you want Him to engage with, and then you’ll have something to share.

Your Call To Action

So take some time this week to think about how you can share your faith by simply being a witness and sharing what God has already done in your life.


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