Faith in God’s Resources, Not Our Own – Ep. 7

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This episode discusses how we need to walk by faith in God’s resources, not our own.

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On today’s episode, how we need to walk by faith and God’s resources and not our own.

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You don’t have to study the Bible for long to come across the idea that God wants us to give the best in everything we’re doing and He wants us to plan. He wants us to have a strategy. He wants us to work hard in what we’re doing. But you will also find that we are not called to have faith in those things. We’re not called to have faith in our efforts only. We’re not called to have faith in our experience or whatever resources we can muster up.

We are called to have faith in the Lord in what He can do, but we still have our part to do.

Gideon’s Army of 300

To demonstrate this truth, I want to turn to the book of Judges, chapter seven, where Gideon goes up against the Midianites. God called him to lead a tiny army against 135,000 Midianites. He started with 32,000 men and God said that was too many. He told Gideon to give a test and to send the ones home that are afraid.

Then 10,000 left and went home. Next, God gave another test and there were only 300 men that remained. Gideon was not very excited about the situation and it took some convincing on God’s part, but Gideon eventually walked forward in faith and confidence that he was going to be able to defeat the army with God on his side. He trusted God and walked in faith with that.

Relying on God’s Resources

We see that he wasn’t relying only on his resources, what he had and what he could use that he brought to the table. He had to walk by faith in what the Lord could do. He had no choice.

How often do we have a situation, a circumstance, a relationship, or a project that just seems overwhelming and we don’t know how we’re going to do it. But we feel a conviction to move forward with it and that God has us where he wants us to be.

You can be confident in moving forward and walking in obedience to what God has given you to do. God has a plan and we need to walk by faith in him and his resources. We need to plan, we need to analyze, but we don’t want to do it so much that we “plan” the Holy Spirit out of the picture. We still need to leave room and we need to let God lead. We need to let the Holy Spirit lead us in Christ and to what He has for us to do. We still need to give our absolute best. We still need to plan. We still need to have a strategy. We still need to think about how we can best approach things, but we need to walk by faith in what God’s going to do alongside of us.

Confidence in the Lord

We can have our confidence in our trust in the Lord and what He wants to do. Trust in Him coming alongside us to co-work with Him to get done what He has put in front of us to get done.

Whatever comes to us in our work, whatever comes to us in our life, God has provision for us to get through it. To come through it with what He has planned just like He did with Gideon. He made sure that he was relying on God and His resources and not Gideon’s own resources and just the men there.

Just like Gideon, we need to walk forward by faith in what God can do.


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