Prophetic Revelation and Your Work – Ep. 93

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On this episode:

This episode discusses how God wants to give you revelation on how to handle the specific situations in your work through your partnership with Him.

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God’s Revelation for You

God has much that He wants to revel to you about your work. About the things you are working on, about the people you work with.

Biblical Revelation

There are many types of revelation ranging from general revelation in nature to specific prophecy. These types of revelation are woven-in throughout the Bible. Even the Bible is a specific type of revelation from God (learn more about the types of revelation here).

I believe it was necessary to introduce a new term to describe more specifically what I am referring to. It is nothing new to be added to scripture, but simply a term that will clearly reference the specific method God chooses to work through.

Situational Revelation

He does that through a term I call situational revelation. This refers to the specific revelation of knowledge and wisdom from God that is applicable to a specific time and place. A specific situation.

The term situation is used because it is unique to the time and place. The term revelation is used because the knowledge and wisdom exist in the mind of God before they are revealed to the believer. Situational revelation from God can only come to those who have a true relationship with Jesus.

This term was coined through the work in my dissertation, which was published in May 2019 at Louisiana Baptist University.

Close to God

We must learn to stay close to God so He can reveal to us what He wants to do and the solutions to issues that arise. God has provision for everything that comes to us in our work and life. We need to remain positioned to walk in faith and receive the revelation God may have for us about a particular situation.

Jump Start Your Partnership With God

I have written a resource that is available to you that will help you jump start this partnership with God. You can sign up to download it for free here and get started today.


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